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  • You get Trainer Tokens (or TT) when you defeat a trainer for the first time.
  • You can also sell a guardian for tokens. When selling a guardian for tokens the price is dependent on how many levels it has gained since you captured it (one token per level gained) up to 25 a week[1].
  • Others ways to get these Tokens is by gaining trainer level.
  • Opening chests[2].
  • Daily Bonus gives a very small amount of Trainer Tokens (days 11, 21, 32, 42).
  • Additionally, you can buy tokens with real money.
  • You get 200 Trainer Tokens if you buy the Starter Pack, as well as 500 gold, 4 guardian slots, and Heroic Feng.
These TT can be used for various things :
Not Enough TT
  1. You can buy some powerful items with them (though you can gain various items of the same kind, having less power, with collections), such as attacking or healing scroll. A better capture device is also available by this mean, giving three times the chances to capture a wild Guardian.
  2. Some actions can be used to skip some time restrictions, such as the Inn, who'll reset every trainer on his/her "time until next fight" clock.
  3. A "on field clinic" can be found for one TT on the lower right part of the screen. It will heal all of your active Guardians without having to go back to an actual clinic.
  4. They'll also let you buy some rare (or unique) Guardians at the Guardian Center.
  5. Also at the Guardian Center, you'll be able to buy additionnal slots for keeping more Guardians with you (not in your equip, but in a reserve).
  6. Finally, you may use them to boost abilities of your Guardians, or even make them learn new moves. For these two things, you will not only need TT, but also a certain level, according to the boost you're trying to achieve or the power of the move you want to unlock.

  1. limit implemented on September 2012. extra levels' value is lost
  2. reopening chests has a lower but existent chance of giving Trainer Tokens
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