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Map The Wooded Forest
874 90x901026 90x90Dyed Trainer
Sports Collection
Iron ChestIron Chest
874 90x90Short Trainer
874 90x90Impatient Trainer
Toll BoothToll Booth
50 Trainer Tokens
874 90x90Famous Trainer
874 90x90Suave Trainer
874 90x90Off-Duty Trainer
874 90x90Poetic Trainer
874 90x90Nerdy Trainer
874 90x90Spunky Trainer
  Shady Vale
Iron ChestIron Chest
874 90x90Tough Trainer
874 90x90Learned Trainer
874 90x90Adventurous Trainer
874 90x90Girly Trainer
874 90x90Punk Trainer
874 90x90Well Dressed Trainer
874 90x90Unshaven Trainer
874 90x90Dedicated Trainer


Wild Guardians

Wild guardians levels 12-18[1]

Not Complete

Percentages based on 100 random encounters


  1. guardians level 18 at player level 11
    guardians level 17-18 at player level 13
  2. The Poetic trainer says "Prepare to be Haiku'd". This could be a double reference. First, to the Japanese poetic form 'Haiku' since she is a poet. Second, to the Haiku operating system which is compatible with BeOS which was used in the development of this game.
  3. The well Dressed Trainer says "Eventually, you'll be able to change what you're wearing." This is an indication that in future updates, players will be able to customize not only the color, but the clothing too.
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