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Map The Western Vale Range
  Shady Vale
X Marks The SpotX Marks the Spot!
874 90x90Newbie Trainer
874 90x90Lady Trainer
874 90x90Stony Trainer
874 90x90Piney Trainer
874 90x90Dazed Trainer
874 90x90Searching Trainer
874 90x90Wandering Trainer
875 90x90
874 90x90Flower Picking Trainer
questgiver of Flowers for Misha
874 90x90Kayaking Trainer
874 90x90Old Trainer
874 90x90Pumpkin Trainer
874 90x90Kiddy Trainer
874 90x90Impatient Trainer
874 90x90Shivering Trainer
874 90x90Protective Trainer
875 90x90
874 90x90Thirsty Trainer
ChestGold Chest (quest related)
874 90x90Thieving Trainer
874 90x90Rapids Trainer
874 90x90Berry Picking Trainer
874 90x90Cocky Trainer
874 90x90Orange Haired Trainer
874 90x90Pacing Trainer
874 90x90Picnicing Trainer
874 90x90Rare Trainer
874 90x90Guarding Trainer
Iron ChestIron Chest

The Western Vale Range

This is the first of the seven mountain areas and caves. The player's character needs to enter this area to find the Shady Vale Training Hall's Guardian Master Erin. When entering this area for the first time, the player also sees the game's antagonist for the first time, who is seen instructing three boys about a magical artifact.

This area can be entered by going west from the Shady Vale town. It is also home to the game's earliest rock guardians -- Plodder and Rhocko. There are two cave entrances in this area; first, The Underground River which both starts and ends in this area and second, The Summit Path which leads to The Western Peak.

There's a river in the middle of map which divides it vertically. There's a bridge that can be used to cross the river but it is 'broken' when the player first arrives. To repair it, the player needs to take the long route to get to the other side of the bridge and talk to the repairman. There aretwo ways to go there - north and south, both ways lead to the same place and are guarded by several trainers.


Fruit Collection

Wild Guardians (Levels 17-21)


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(Before the bridge)

(After the bridge)

(Northern route)

(Southern route)

Outcrop outside The Underground River

Other stuff

  • Teleport Pad (at the centre of the area, just west of the bridge)
  • Golden Chest (in a small clearing along the northern route, player needs to go through The Underground River to reach it)
  • Iron Chest (near west edge of the area)
  • Diggable chest (near the South-West corner)
  • Entrance to The Summit Path (near the South-West corner)


1281 90x90

Into the Mountains

Search the mountains west of Shady Vale for Guardian Master Erin. She's supposedly meditating somewhere near the peak. There's a path into the Western Vale Range near the clinic in Shady Vale.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find someone in the Western Mountains who has seen Master Erin
1028 90x90Head through the Summit Path cave to the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find a way to scale the cliff on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find Guardian Master Erin on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Enter the Ancient Outpost on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Return to Guardian Master Erin[1]
XpXP x50

1280 90x90

The Stolen Teleporter Parts

Get the stolen teleporter parts from the gold chest across the river from the teleporter in the Western Vale Range. The only way to the ledge that the chest is on is by going through the cave north of the teleporter.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the Teleporter Parts
1028 90x90Return to the Teleporter Mechanic

1277 90x90

Flowers for Misha

Misha really wants some of the flowers that only grow in the northern half of the Western Vale Range. Search for the flowers and bring them to Misha.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Pick four Blue Flowers north of the main path.

  1. exact wording of the objective needs confirmation