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Map The Viney Cave
ChestGold Chest

Wild Guardians (Levels 9-10)

Wild guardians

Uncommon Guardians:

  • Fire  Fizard (if your starter choice was Firball)
  • Nature  Orkkid (if your starter choice was Vinibble)
  • Water  Squiddy (if your starter choice was Crabby)


  • Wild Guardians


  • Lost in the cave

Quest objectives:

  • Find Penny in The Viney Cave.

When you talk to her in the cave, you will be attacked by a level 9 Feng and a level 9 Mooky.

  • Escort Penny out of the cave.

Go down and pull the lever to lower the bridge, and walk out. Don't forget the chest!

  • Talk to Carl outside The Viney Cave


  • 10 gold, 1 medium healing potion and 20 xp.(You also unlock the mushroom collection.)