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Map The Underground River
874 90x90Switching Trainer
874 90x90Cave Monsters
(one time quest related)
874 90x90Careful Trainer
874 90x90Spelunking Trainer
Iron ChestIron Chest

The Underground River

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This cave can be accessed by going a few paces north of the teleport pad in The Western Vale Range. The player's character needs to go to the cave and clear it in order to activate the teleport pad of the Western Vale range by obtaining the missing part that lies in the golden chest at the end of the cave. This golden chest can actually be seen from outside the cave while travelling through the northen route in the western range.

Wild Guardians

Wild Guardians are level 21-22[1]

  • Percentages based on 25 random encounters


(for teleport pad quest)

  • ​Spelunking Trainer (optional for quest)


Quest The Frozen Teleporter

The Frozen Teleporter

The Teleporter Mechanic in the Eastern Mountains needs something to unfreeze the teleporter circuitry. Some Hot Rocks from the Rocky Cave might just do the trick. Any of the rocks in the cave could be the ones you're looking for; you'll just have to touch each one to check.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find some Hot Rocks in the Rocky Cave
1028 90x90Return to the Teleporter Mechanic in the Eastern Vale Mountains
GoldGold x25
Medium healing potionMedium Healing
XpXP x25

Other Stuff

  • Iron Chest (a few paces west of the North-East corner)

  1. guardian level 21-22 at player level 11 (alson at 13)
  2. The Cave Monsters (2nd trainer fight) are only encountered when the player in on the quest for the teleporter parts. They cannot be encountered again when the cave is revisited. (This is different from wild guardians in the cave)
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