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Map The Swamp Road 2
874 90x90Lucky Trainer
874 90x90Troubled Trainer
874 90x90Granny Trainer
874 90x90Farm Boy Trainer
874 90x90Texas Trainer
874 90x90Angry Trainer
Reach it to activate it
874 90x90Out of Place Trainer
874 90x90Appreciative Trainer
874 90x90Rookie Trainer
874 90x90Old Man Frank Trainer
877 90x90Quest Start of:
Cubby Wrangler
874 90x90Standing Trainer
874 90x90Exclusive Trainer
874 90x90Guard Trainer
874 90x90Discouraged Trainer
877 90x90Quest Start of:
Find Some Seeds
874 90x90Cocky Trainer
874 90x90Bridge worker
874 90x90Working Class Trainer
874 90x90Lonely Trainer
874 90x90Sister Trainer
874 90x90Frog Loving Trainer
877 90x90Quest Start of:
Trash Trouble
ChestGold Chest
874 90x90Greedy Trainer
874 90x90Leader Trainer
874 90x90Radical Trainer
874 90x90Relaxing Trainer
874 90x90Brother Timmy Trainer
874 90x90Timmy's Trainer Friend
874 90x90Sneaky Trainer
874 90x90Brian the Boyfriend
874 90x90Paranoid Trainer
874 90x90Flower Trainer

The Swamp Road (part 2)

The Swamp road continues after The Swamp Road, Part I. Before activating the teleport pad here, the only way to enter the area is by going west from New Haven and then going through The Swamp Road, Part I.

Unlike the other ones, there's no quest to activate the teleporter but you have to reach it in order for it to become active.

Again, there's no main storyline here yet.

The structure of this area is different from all other areas encountered so far. There's a main road in the shape of a rough 'U' that starts from the east side of the map and goes south, then west, then north. Along the main road, after every few steps, there are small areas at both sides that have one or two trainers inside them. You have to beat the trainers standing on the main road in order to proceed further (mostly), though most of the trainers in the side areas are optional.

Wild Guardians (Level 26-30)


Towards the Chest. North from the bridge/ Seeds quest NPC:

Towards the Gold Chest (at the bridge):


Quest Cubby Wrangler

Cubby Wrangler

Help the Park Ranger defeat six Cubbys' in the Swamp Road, or abroad.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Defeat 6 Cubbys'
1028 90x90Return to the park ranger on the swamp road.
XpXP x50

Quest Find Some Seeds

Find Some Seeds

Help the Park Worker find five bags of seeds. You can find them in bushes all along the second Swamp Road area.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find five bags of seeds.
1028 90x90Return to the park work[7] on the swamp road.
XpXP x50

Quest Trash Trouble

Trash Trouble

Help the Nature Enthusiast find five Pieces of Trash in the bushes along the second Swamp Road area.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find five pieces of trash around the swamp road.
1028 90x90Return to the nature enthusiast on the swamp road.
XpXP x50

Other Stuff

  • Teleport Pad (near the centre, on the main road)
  • Golden chest[8] (west of the bridge in the centre of the map)

  1. need trainer level 14+ to capture
  2. need trainer level 13+ to capture
  3. need trainer level 17+ to capture
  4. need trainer level 21+ to capture
  5. need trainer level 26+ to capture
  6. Note: I (opoisson) discovered that you can avoid fighting him if you hug the tree north of him and go around.
  7. typo of worker in the game
  8. the chest can be reached from the top-left corner of the fence - needs confirmation if the path opens up only after reaching the chest for the first time