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Map The Swamp Road 1
  New Haven
874 90x90Practicing Trainer
877 90x90Questgiver of:
874 90x90Eating Trainer
874 90x90Rested Trainer
874 90x90Bold Trainer
874 90x90Lunching Trainer
874 90x90Offroad Trainer
874 90x90Watchful Trainer
874 90x90Guarded Trainer
874 90x90Searching Trainer
874 90x90Lurking Trainer
874 90x90Lakeside Trainer
874 90x90Optimistic Trainer
874 90x90Hat-loving Trainer
874 90x90Goggles-loving Trainer
874 90x90Directional Trainer
874 90x90Bragging Trainer
874 90x90Travelling Trainer
877 90x90Questgiver of
Clear the Way
874 90x90Bored Trainer
874 90x90Flowery Trainer
874 90x90Searching Trainer

The Swamp Road, Part I

After the player has defeated the Air Training Hall in The Desert Delta, the storyline takes him towards the swamp road. The swamp road can be entered by going west from New Haven. Initially, this road is blocked by a NPC who says that the swamp road is currently flooded and cannot be entered. He will allow the player through once the player's trainer level is 10.

However, a player can enter the swamp road anytime after the player has achieved Trainer Level 10, i.e. he need not wait till he has defeated the Air Gym.

Unfortunately there are currently no main storyline quests in this area. This is also the first non-cave area in the game which does not have a teleport pad. Also, there is no Nurse/healer in the area.

Most trainers in this area attack the player on sight, but some of them can be bypassed by walking behind them (in the tall grass), The Watchful Trainer even comments about this[1]

Wild Guardians (Level 26-29)


Behind "Clear the way" quest.


668 90x90

Clear the Way

The apple picker has hurt his hand and can't clear the spilled apple barrels off the road. Find his brother to clear the road.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the apple farmer's brother
XpXP x50
Unbitten Apple


Help the Girl collect apples so she can make some applesauce. You can find apples in bushes all along the first Swamp Road area
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find ten apples on the swamp road.
1028 90x90Return to the apple girl on the swamp road.
XpXP x50

  1. citation needed
  2. need trainer level 14+ to capture Fengal
  3. need trainer level 13+ to capture Kowa
  4. 4.0 4.1 need trainer level 20+ to capture Flame or Lyon
  5. need trainer level 17+ to capture Treedoo
  6. need trainer level 21+ to capture Zaatango
  7. need trainer level 26+ to capture Clawbird
  8. 8.0 8.1 There are two "Searching Trainers's" in this area. One is towards the north edge on the way to finding the brother, the second is at the south-western corner of the map
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