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Map The Southern Desert
874 90x90Informative Trainer
874 90x90Cactus Trainer
874 90x90Misinformed Trainer
874 90x90Farming Trainer
874 90x90Purple Trainer
874 90x90Your Friend
(one time)
874 90x90Trapped Trainer
874 90x90Corporate Trainer
874 90x90Disguised Trainer
874 90x90Windy Trainer
874 90x90Dry Trainer
874 90x90Pacing Trainer
874 90x90Hat-wearing Trainer
874 90x90Knowledgable Trainer
874 90x90Elderly Trainer
X Marks The SpotX Marks the Spot!
needs 7 friends to open
874 90x90Impatient Trainer
874 90x90Cowboy Trainer
874 90x90Blue and Pink Trainer
874 90x90Simple Trainer
874 90x90Chest-Loving Trainer
874 90x90Confused Trainer
Iron ChestIron Chest

The Southern Desert

The Southern Desert has 2 entrances -- from the southern edge of The River Camp and from the southern edge of The Northern Desert. The player cannot enter the southern desert through any of the 2 areas when it initially arrives at the River Camp, but the passage to this area is unblocked after the player completes certain quests. The journey of the player's character as the per the main storyline of the game brings him to this area in order to "journey through the desert" and report to the Desert Delta.

The player's character encounters his old friend (with whom he started his journey in the carnival before New Haven) in this area again and is immediately challenged if approached (He's standing on the other end of the bridge which starts few paces south of the entrance from The River Camp). The player will not have the option of refusing to battle and coming back later as with other trainers, he/she must battle the friend. Also, if the player loses, then the friend leaves and he cannot be battled again at this spot. Upon finishing the battle the bridge will shutter and an angry bridge worker will appear (questgiver of Bridge Out? What a Surprise!).

Wild Guardians (Level 25-26)



Quest Horseshoe

The Horse With No Name

Search shrubs in the Northern, Southern, and High Deserts to find Dewey's Horse. It has no name, but he went through the Desert on it. Return to Dewey at the River Camp once you found out what has become of his Horse.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Search Bushes in the Northern Desert[3]
1028 90x90Search Bushes in the Southern Desert
1028 90x90Search the High Desert
1028 90x90Return to Dewey at the River Camp
XpXP x150

Quest Plank

Bridge Out? What a Surprise!

Find 10 Wooden Planks in bushes in the Desert so that the bridge workers can repair the bridge leading south to the Desert Delta.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find 10 Wooden Planks
1028 90x90Return to the Bridge Engineer
XpXP x50

Quest The Southern Desert Teleporter

The Southern Desert Teleporter

The teleporter gem has blown out of the Southern Desert Teleporter and is lost somewhere in the bushes. Find it so the teleporter can be used again.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the Teleporter Gem in the Southern Desert
1028 90x90Return to the Teleporter Mechanic in the Southern Desert
904 90x90Small Nature Bomb x2
XpXP x50

Quest Be Prepared

Be Prepared

[4]Salem won't let you out the desert to search for the Far Oasis until you've gathered 5 Cactus Water. You can find Cactus Water by whacking bushes in the Southern Desert.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find 5 Cactus Water[5]
1028 90x90Return to the Desert Watchman
Medium healing potionMedium Healing Potion x2
XpXP x50

Other Stuff

  • Digsite[6] (near the south edge) - need 7 friends to open
  • Teleport pad (near the centre of the map)
  • Iron Chest (in the South-West corner)


The Knowledgeable Trainer (near the teleporter pad) tells the the player "I happen to know what Air Guardians are strong against, but I'm not going to tell you! You haven't found any of them yet!" -- This suggests that there will be new elements in further areas, one of which will be weak to air attacks.

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