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Map The Northern Desert
  Shady Vale
874 90x90Scruffy Trainer
874 90x90Damp Trainer
Toll BoothToll Booth
100 Trainer Tokens
874 90x90Forest Trainer
877 90x90Start of Quest:
The River Camp
874 90x90Red Haired Trainer
874 90x90Climbing Trainer
874 90x90Chilly Trainer
874 90x90Riverside Trainer
874 90x90Mesmorized Trainer
874 90x90Distracted Trainer
874 90x90Reminiscing Trainer
874 90x90Friendly Trainer
874 90x90Construction Worker
874 90x90Patrolling Trainer
874 90x90New Haven Trainer
874 90x90Dune-Surfing Trainer
874 90x90Sightseeing Trainer
874 90x90Brother Trainer
874 90x90Sister Trainer
874 90x90Sandy Trainer
874 90x90Seasoned Trainer

The Northern Desert

This is first area of the whole desert area. The player's character can enter this area after defeating Guardian Master Erin in the Shady Vale Training Hall and obtaining the Rock badge. Going only a few paces south, the player comes across a toll which must be crossed in order to go further down the desert and continue with the story of the game. This toll costs 100 Trainer Tokens. When asked the toll attendant, "What do I get for my tokens?" (referring to the toll), the toll attendant says "This toll unlocks the entire Desert for you, including three full zones full of trainers, two caves, a bunch of smaller quest zones, and allows you to get your Air Badge. This is a required toll if you wish to continue through the main storyline."

Wild Guardians (Level 24-25)


(before the toll)

(after the toll)

Quests (after the toll)

Quest The River Camp

The River Camp

Escort the Tired Driver to the River Camp. It can be found by following the road to the south and then east.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Escort the Driver to the River Camp
GoldGold x50
Medium healing potionMedium Healing
XpXP x50

Quest The Northern Desert Teleporter

The Northern Desert Teleporter

The indicator bulb in the Northern Desert Teleporter has burnt out! The teleporter isn't safe to use until you find a new one!
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find a Replacement Bulb in the Northern Desert
906 90x90Small Water Bomb x2
XpXP x50

Quest Horseshoe

The Horse With No Name

Search shrubs in the Northern, Southern, and High Deserts to find Dewey's Horse. It has no name, but he went through the Desert on it. Return to Dewey at the River Camp once you found out what has become of his Horse.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Search Bushes in the Northern Desert[2]
1028 90x90Search Bushes in the Southern Desert
1028 90x90Search the High Desert
1028 90x90Return to Dewey at the River Camp
XpXP x150

Other Stuff

  • Desert Toll: Cost 100 Trainer Tokens (near the centre the of map, a few paces south of the Shady Vale Entrace)
  • Waterfall and River crossing (a little east of the North-West corner)
  • Teleport Pad (Near the South-West corner)
  • Bandit Camp Entrance (West edge of the map)
  • The Worm's Lair (Near the North-West corner)


  • The quest "A Horse With No Name" could be a reference to the song by the band America called "A Horse With No Name" which talks about a nameless horse walking through a desert

  1. 1.0 1.1 requires trainer level 19+ to capture
  2. The Bandit Camp counts as The Northern Desert for this objective (the brush can be found there)