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Map The Mountain Outpost
1287 90x90Ancient Relic
877 90x90Start of Quest:
Back to Vale

The Mountain Outpost

1287 90x90

This area can be entered from the Ancient Doorway in The Western Peak after the player defeats Cyrus and finds Guardian Master Erin. The player finds an 'Ancient Relic' which reads as "This Ancient piece of technology has no apparent use". Obtaining this Ancient Relic also completes the "Find an Ancient Relic" achievement.

There are no guardians or trainers in this area.


1281 90x90

Into the Mountains

Search the mountains west of Shady Vale for Guardian Master Erin. She's supposedly meditating somewhere near the peak. There's a path into the Western Vale Range near the clinic in Shady Vale.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find someone in the Western Mountains who has seen Master Erin
1028 90x90Head through the Summit Path cave to the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find a way to scale the cliff on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Find Guardian Master Erin on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Enter the Ancient Outpost on the Western Peak
1028 90x90Return to Guardian Master Erin[1]
XpXP x50

971 90x90

Back to Vale

Return to Vale and meet up with Guardian Master Erin in front of the Shady Vale Training Hall.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Talk to Guardian Trainer Mike outside the Shady Vale Training Hall
XpXP x10

  1. exact wording of the objective needs confirmation
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