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Map The High Desert Path
874 90x90Hiding Trainer
ChestGold Chest
874 90x90Sabotaging Trainer
874 90x90Twitchy Trainer
(needs verification)
874 90x90Shadowed Trainer
(needs verification)
874 90x90Reclusive Trainer
(needs verification)
X Marks The SpotX Marks the Spot!
need 6 friends to open
874 90x90Cavey Trainer

The High Desert Path

The High Desert Path is a cave that starts as you walk only a few paces in The High Desert when entering from The River Camp. It is a very small area.

There is a ladder on a ledge, at a higher level than the main cave. This can be used to go to the end of the cave and vice versa; however, it has unfortunately been pulled up by someone. The player must travel through the whole cave to lower the ladder. This can then be used to reach the other endwithout having to travel the whole cave. This is sort of an unofficial quest.

Wild Guardians (Level 26-28)

(incomplete list)


Other Stuff

  • Diggable Chest (slightly west and few paces north of Reclusive Trainer) - need 6 friends to open
  • Golden Chest (near the North-East corner)
  • Switch (all the way south after Shadowed Trainer)
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