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Map The High Desert
Gryphion's NestGryphion's Nest
objective of
Wanted: Gryphon Eggs
Iron ChestIron Chest
874 90x90Tired Trainer
874 90x90Twin Trainer (1st)
874 90x90Cowboy Trainer
Iron ChestIron Chest
874 90x90Cowgirl Trainer
874 90x90Twin Trainer (2nd)
874 90x90Exiled Trainer
874 90x90Red Trainer
874 90x90Pinching Trainer
874 90x90Prepared Trainer
874 90x90Watering Trainer
874 90x90Gray Trainer
874 90x90Flamboyant Trainer
874 90x90Bandana Trainer
874 90x90Green Trainer
874 90x90Studious Trainer
874 90x90Blue Trainer
874 90x90Digging Trainer
874 90x90Calm Trainer
874 90x90Breathing Trainer
874 90x90Lost Trainer
874 90x90Imperial Trainer
Cave entrance
874 90x90Magi Trainer
Dewey's HorseDewey's Horse,
objective of
The Horse With No Name
874 90x90Informative Trainer
Cave entrance
874 90x90Highest Trainer
874 90x90Curious Trainer
Toll BoothThe Lush Ridge
Toll Booth - 50 TT
874 90x90Rugged Trainer
ChestGold Chest
874 90x90Bearded Trainer
874 90x90Hallucinating Trainer
874 90x90Punk Trainer
874 90x90Doctor Trainer

The High Desert

The High Desert can be entered from the eastern bridge in The River Camp. The player cannot enter this area when he first enters the river camp because there is an NPC guarding the passage. The passage to this area is unlocked after the player catches and returns a turtli to Levar.

Once you reach it from The River Camp, you can only walk a few paces before reaching a cave entrance The High Desert Path, a cave you have to pass in order to get to the The High Desert.

The High Desert is a huge area, being the biggest aea that the player enocunters so far in the game. Some parts of the area which can be otherwise accessed by taking a long route have shortcuts or smaller canyons that are initially blocked by big rocks which are cleared when the player reaches the other side of the smaller canyons by taking the long route and fighting the trainers. Basically, this area is in the shape of a big 'S' with a thick middle where the player starts from the lower-left end and works his way through the middle to the upper-right end. The canyons connect the area when the player completes a near circle.

Wild Guardians (Level 26-29)


(The list is not in a particular order since this is a huge open area and trainers can be encountered in different orders)

  • Cowboy Trainer (attacks on sight)

WARNING: Do not enter The Desert Outpost without healing.


Protective Gryphon

Gid 81 full
The Protective Gryphon is a level 35 air type boss guardian with 2384-2399[1] HP.

It uses different attacks based on the guardian in front of it. For example, if you're fighting with a rock guardian (strong against normal attacks), it will use moves like Zephyr and Wind Trap. If you use any other kind of guardian like a fire guardian, it will mostly use Reckless Strike, which stuns it almost every time it uses it, and Wind Trap.

My Tip: Just like any other boss-guardian, start the battle with accuracy lowering moves, like Sand Storm or Smoke Cloud, until its accuracy is fairly low, and then switch to the element advantage (in this case, Normal element guardians like Lizfu or Puffiscratch/Heroic Puffiscratch or a Fenrir/Heroic Fenrir if you have one) to move in with high damage dealing attacks like Impale or Crush and finish it. If you've lowered it's accuracy far enough, you can even use relatively "high-risk" (but high-damage) attacks like Reckless Strike to finish it off quickly.


Quest Horseshoe

The Horse With No Name

Search shrubs in the Northern, Southern, and High Deserts to find Dewey's Horse. It has no name, but he went through the Desert on it. Return to Dewey at the River Camp once you found out what has become of his Horse.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Search Bushes in the Northern Desert[2]
1028 90x90Search Bushes in the Southern Desert
1028 90x90Search the High Desert
1028 90x90Return to Dewey at the River Camp
XpXP x150

Quest Wanted Gryphon Eggs

Wanted: Gryphon Eggs

The trainer blocking your way to the Desert Training Hall at the River Delta would like you to bring him[3] a Gryphon Egg. He's Not sure where you'd find such a thing but apparently there's a Scientist studiying some Ancient Ruins in the High Desert who may know where to look. The High Desert can be accessed through a canyon east of the River Camp, but you may need to curry[4] favor with the locals there before they'll let you enter it.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the Scientist in the Ancient Desert Ruins
1028 90x90Talk to the scientist
1028 90x90Recover a Gryphon Egg
1028 90x90Return to the Desert Delta
XpXP x250

Quest Bolts

The High Desert Teleporter

The teleporter mechanic in the High Desert needs some teleporter bolts in order to fix the teleporter. Find them in bushes in the High Desert.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find five handfuls of Teleporter Bolts
1028 90x90return to the teleporter mechanic[5]
Small Fire BombSmall Fire Bomb x2
XpXP x50

Other Stuff

  • Teleport Pad (near the south edge)
  • Iron Chest (east edge, guarded by the twin sisters)
  • Golden Chest (in the higher platform area that can be entered from the centre of the map)
  • Toll Booth for The Lush Ridge: Cost 50 Trainer Tokens (north edge)
  • Iron Chest 2 (near the North-East corner, guarded by Cowgirl and Cowboy)
  • Ancient Doorway (near the end)
  • Gryphon Eggs (South-East corner)

  1. 2399 HP at trainer level 14
  2. The Bandit Camp counts as The Northern Desert for this objective (the brush can be found there)
  3. the 'male' trainer is obviously a female trainer
  4. game has a typo
  5. exact wording missing