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The forest will be the first land you will visit. It will take you from a newbie trainer to a full fledged one, letting you capture a wide variety of Guardians. At first, you will only encounters some Mooky and Feng, but soon enough you'll find some elemental guardians.

It's in the deepest part of the forest, behind a toll, that you will find Bhadington, a powerful Fire Guardian.




Level range of the forest area

The level range of trainers and guardians is pretty big, due to the forest being dense and wide.

You'll start by finding level 2 guardians, while in the last part, they'll be at level 16.

Also, there is exactly 70 guardians trainers you'll be able to fight every 24 hours.


  • It's in the forest that you will first be able to do PvP. To do so, just go in the PvP area, at the south-east of the second part of the forest.
  • You can find a guardian of each Element, but not till you go in the third part, which is only possible when having the first badge.
  • There's two healer in the forest. One is in the second part of the forest, in the middle, while the other one is in the area north of the third part (arguably the fourth part of the forest).
  • In the fourth part of the forest, one quest involves to scare away three guardians in some orange trees. These three will be one Flicker, one Treedle and one Zaat. It's an easy way to capture those three
  • There's 2 gold chests, and 7 iron ones.
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