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Map The Deset Outpost
877 90x90The Scientist
874 90x90Raven

The Desert Outpost

Ishu bagaria 09:32, September 5, 2012 (UTC)

The Desert Outpost is similiar to The Mountain Outpost. Like at the end of the mountain area in The Western Peak, there is a similar Ancient Doorway at the end of The High Desert Area which is the last of the desert area before the Air element Training Hall in The Desert Delta. Inside the outpost, there are 3 rooms. The scientist is standing in a way that he's blocking the entrance to the middle room, but the whole room is visible from outside and there is nothing to interact with inside it.


However, unlike the mountain outpost, the player does not meet the antagonist's minion boys outside the ancient doorway, but inside the Desert Outpost because there was no trainer like Guardian Master Erin guarding the doorway this time and the minions have already entered the outpost. It is strongly advised that the player heal before entering The Desert Outpost because once he enters this area, the cut-scene will automatically lead to the plot fight and the player will not have a chance to refuse/avoid the fight or flee while in the fight. However, losing the fight does not change anything in the game apart from the xp loss as Raven responds the same as he would if the player wins the fight and says "You're tougher than you look!"

Although, unlike in the mountain outpost, this time Cyrus takes advantage of the player being busy fighting Raven and takes the artifact that lies within the desert outpost and escapes. The scientist heals the player's guardians at the end of the cut-scene..

Raven's Guardians:


Quest Wanted Gryphon Eggs

Wanted: Gryphon Eggs

The trainer blocking your way to the Desert Training Hall at the River Delta would like you to bring him[1] a Gryphon Egg. He's Not sure where you'd find such a thing but apparently there's a Scientist studiying some Ancient Ruins in the High Desert who may know where to look. The High Desert can be accessed through a canyon east of the River Camp, but you may need to curry[2] favor with the locals there before they'll let you enter it.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the Scientist in the Ancient Desert Ruins
1028 90x90Talk to the scientist
1028 90x90Recover a Gryphon Egg
1028 90x90Return to the Desert Delta
XpXP x250

  1. the 'male' trainer is obviously a female trainer
  2. game has a typo