732 90x90 Mystic Guardians > Areas > The Forest  > The Charred Forest (Premium Region)

Map The Charred Forest
874 90x90Searching Trainer
874 90x90Purple-shirted Trainer
874 90x90Skinny Trainer
874 90x90Pinky Trainer
874 90x90Farming Trainer
874 90x90Hard-working Trainer
874 90x90Wandering Trainer
874 90x90Lost Trainer
874 90x90White-haired Trainer
874 90x90Wistful Trainer
874 90x90Shocked Trainer
874 90x90New Trainer
874 90x90Classic Trainer
874 90x90Adventurous Trainer
874 90x90Traffic Directing
874 90x90Crazy Trainer
877 90x90Quest Start of:
Capture a Bhadington
874 90x90Suspicious Trainer
874 90x90Firey Trainer
874 90x90Off-duty Master
874 90x90Teasing Trainer
874 90x90Default Trainer

The Charred Forest is a paid region of the game. A player can enter this area after he has visited Vale and the western mountains. However a toll of 50 Trainer Tokens has to be paid in order to enter this area. Players looking to capture a Bhadington have to pay this toll to enter the area.


Wild Guardians

Wild Guardians are levels 21-22[1]
Common Guardians:

Uncommon Guardians:

Rare Guardians:

  • Fire  Fizard (if your starter choice was Firball) [3]
  • Nature  Orkkid (if your starter choice was Vinibble) [3]
  • Water  Squiddy (if your starter choice was Crabby) [3]



Quest Icon Bhadington

Capture a Bhadington

Help deal with the Bhadington causing trouble in the Charred Forest by capturing one of them.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Capture a Bhadington at their Lair
1028 90x90Return to the Guardian Trainer near the entrance
Xp50 xp

  1. guardian level 24 at player level 10
       guardian level 25 at player level 11
  2. first one caught was guardian level 32 at player level 11 the rest were normal
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