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Map The Bandit Camp
874 90x90Guarding Bandit
874 90x90Banditette
874 90x90Stubly Bandit
874 90x90Cocky Bandit
874 90x90Tattoo'd Bandit
874 90x90Content Bandit
874 90x90Seasoned Bandit
874 90x90Reluctant Bandit
874 90x90Bandit Leader

The Bandit Camp

The Bandit Camp is an area that you can enter from the west edge of The Northern Desert. It's a part of the main story quest. The player's character needs to enter the bandit camp and look for the supplies that the bandits had stolen from the truck driver which the player encounters just after paying the desert toll.

Every trainer in this area is a path-blocking trainer, i.e. you cannot pass that trainer unless you beat it, unlike most other areas where only some trainers block your path until you beat them. There is also no nurse or healer, nor a teleport pad, so players will have to go all the way back to the northern desert everytime they want to heal or they will have to use the portable teleporter.

Wild Guardians (Level 24-26)



Quest Crate

Something Borrowed

Recover the Stolen Goods from the Bandit Camp, to the west of the Northern Desert. Return the Goods to the Tired Driver at the River Camp.
Quest Objectives:
1028 90x90Find the Stolen Supplies.[1]
1028 90x90Return to the Driver at the River Camp
GoldGold x50
Medium healing potionMedium Healing Potion x2
XpXP x50

  1. These are the supplies the desert bandits stole from the crashed truck!