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Protective Gryphon

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The Protective Gryphon is a level 35 air type boss guardian with 2384-2399[1] HP.

It uses different attacks based on the guardian in front of it. For example, if you're fighting with a rock guardian (strong against normal attacks), it will use moves like Zephyr and Wind Trap. If you use any other kind of guardian like a fire guardian, it will mostly use Reckless Strike, which stuns it almost every time it uses it, and Wind Trap.

My Tip: Just like any other boss-guardian, start the battle with accuracy lowering moves, like Sand Storm or Smoke Cloud, until its accuracy is fairly low, and then switch to the element advantage (in this case, Normal element guardians like Lizfu or Puffiscratch/Heroic Puffiscratch or a Fenrir/Heroic Fenrir if you have one) to move in with high damage dealing attacks like Impale or Crush and finish it. If you've lowered it's accuracy far enough, you can even use relatively "high-risk" (but high-damage) attacks like Reckless Strike to finish it off quickly.


Listed as 1632 24x24 DJArts 81: Griffin in the official forums.

  1. 2399 HP at trainer level 14