When picking your first Guardian there is no "better" starter. They are all equally leveled and skilled. It all depends on how you train them. Now there are three starter Guardians. Firball is a Fire type. Fire is weak against Water, but is strong against Nature and Poision. Vinibble is a Nature type. Nature is weak against Fire, but is strong against Water. Crabby is a Water type. Water is weak against Nature and Poison, but is strong against Rock and Fire.


Here are some tips...

  • When finding your second Guardian I recommend capturing a Feng, as these are the basic powerhouses of the game
  • When you have more than one Guardian, when training, NEVER focus on one guardian. Even the strongest can loose. You have a team of four, so you should make sure you can use each one of them. Constantly taking small amounts of damage can mean a level 30 Fenrir losing to a level 17 Mooky. At the very least, make sure you have at least one other guardian that can take the place of your main one.
  • When you have a weaker Guardian, training can be difficult, because it is likely to be defeated (which means it doesn't get experience). Therefore you should let the weakest Guardian attack first and then switch it out with your strongest. This way your weaker guardian sustains minimal damage and still gets experience.

Important Information

  • There are two currencies in this game. Trainer Tokens are VERY important. Trainer Tokens are used to buy potions and other items. You should rarely spend them. There is a point in the game where you have to pay a toll of 100 Trainer Tokens. The next currency is gold, which is not as important. Gold is used to buy potions and capture disks. Potions, in particular experience and health ones are more important during the game than capture disks.
  • Capture disks are what you use to capture Guardians. You can only have four Guardians on one team, but you can own more Guardians, which you can switch out with Guardians on your team.
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