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Each Town has a Guardian Centre. When all of your guardians faint in a fight you are transported to the nearest Guardian Centre.

When inside the building, to the left you can find the healer, who will restore your active guardians' health for free. On the top you'll find a merchant who will sell you guardians and guardian slots. On the right you'll find the merchant who has all the functions:

  1. Buys guardians - The guardian you want to sell has to be in an unused slot
  2. Augmentation - buy/upgrade guardians' abilities.
  3. Sells guardians
  4. Sells Items - Only for Trainer Tokens.

List of Guardians and Slots for Sale

all guardians can be bought both from New Haven and Shady Vale unless noted otherwise
Guardians from the previous and following week's Grand Prize at the PvP Arena are available for purchase at any Guardian Centre


List of Items for Sale

  • Guardian Slot 10 TT
  • 4 Guardian Slots 35 TT
  • Guardian Repellent 5 TT
  • Revive Potion 1 TT
  • Guardian Scanner 35 TT
  • Medium Accuracy Potion 1 TT
  • Large Accuracy Potion 3 TT
  • Medium Speed Potion 1 TT
  • Large Speed Potion 3 TT
  • Medium Attack Potion 1 TT
  • Large Attack Potion 3 TT
  • Medium Defense Potion 1 TT
  • Large Defense Potion 3 TT
  • Medium Healing Potion 1 TT
  • Large Healing Potion 3 TT
  • Small Fire Bomb 1 TT
  • Small Nature Bomb 1 TT
  • Small Normal Bomb 1 TT
  • Small Water Bomb 1 TT
  • Fire Scroll 3 TT
  • Nature Scroll 3 TT
  • Water Scroll 3 TT
  • Healing Scroll 3 TT
  • Medium XP Potion 2 TT