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Evolution items can be obtained either from friends or by buying them with Trainer Tokens. Each guardian needs a certain amount of  items that correspond with their element. The amount is determined by the evolve stage of the guardian (i.e. It will take fewer items to evolve a guardian for the first time, while it will take more to evolve him for the second time) , while the kind is determined by his element :

Evolution CrystalEvolution DustBread <= Those are used for Normal Guardians.
Fire CrystalFire DustHot Pepper <= Those are for the Fire Guardians.
Water CrystalWater DustSand Dollar <= Try to guess? Yeah, those are for the Water ones.
Nature CrystalNature DustBranch <= Wait! A vine? Must be for the Nature Guardians!

Rock Items: Rock Crystal, Rock Dust, Hourglass

Air Items: Air Crystal, Air Dust, Wing Idol

Poison Items: Poison Crystal, Poison Dust, Poison Idol

Admin's Comments: The icons for the rock, air and acid evolution items are missing from the DJArts graphic webserver, which is why we are unable to upload them here. If anyone has those icons or has printscreened them and cut into a good quality sharp image, feel free to upload them. Ishu bagaria (talk) 17:26, October 3, 2012 (UTC)