Defeating NPC trainers and opening iron/golden chests give you collectibles which are a part of one of the various collections (sets) that you can exchange for certain items. Unlike Trainer Tokens, collectibles can be obtained from trainers even if you've already fought them once. The collectibles that the trainers drop also depends on the area where you are fighting them. For example, all trainers in The Southern Forest will drop leaves only.

Collections enable you to exchange them in return for common or uncommon items, by collecting all five objects in the set. In order to start collecting and exchanging sets, you first need to activate that collection by completing a quest for the particular NPC that unlocks that collection. Although you can exchange a collection only after you have unlocked it from its NPC, you can start collecting its items before you've done so.

At the moment, there are only 6 collecions that you activate in the forest areas. There are no new collections to be activated in the mountain and desert areas.

The Sets

Leaves Collection: Unlocked by the girl in green at the top left of the area in The Southern Forest.

Leaf collection big

Maple Leaf, Apple Leaf, Dark Leaf, Clover Leaf, Oak Leaf = 1 Small Healing Potion

Broken Items Collection: Unlocked by the sweaty guy next to the nurse in The Deep Forest

Broken items big

Broken Potion, Broken Capture, Broken Tablet, Broken Telepad, Water Vial = 1 Small Fire Bomb

Fruit Collection: Unlocked by the NPC near the teleport pad in The Tangled Forest.

Fruit collection big

Orange, Pear, Lime, Strawberry, Watermelon = 1 Small Nature Bomb

Gems Collection: Unlocked by the guy wearing a cap outside The Dark Cave in The Southern Forest.

Gems collection big

Agate, Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond = 1 Small Water Bomb

Mushroom Collection: Unlocked by the girl after you save her inside The Viney Cave and take her out to The Tangled Forest

Mushroom coll big

Blue Mushrooms, White Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Swirl Mushroom, Purple Mushroom = 1 Medium Defence Potion

Sports Collection: Unlocked by the Dyed Trainer in The Wooded Forest

Sports collection big

Sports Jersey, Football, Baseball, Tennis Ball, Bowling Ball = 1 Medium Attack Potion

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