• Zainzafar


    March 19, 2017 by Zainzafar

    Hey it is me Zainzafar today i represent a financialy imprtance of a fizard if their was no fizard in the hwole game there would have been most of the trainers with fizzler fizzilla and fizard itself aswell so if you want one find him in the wooded,deep or the charred forest

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  • Bhadington


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  • Manogya

    PVP arena

    October 8, 2015 by Manogya

    Mystic guardians is a game and we can play this game on Armor Games,  Facebook   and  Kongregate

    1. PVP    

    1.1  What is PVP

    1.2 Division and Rank    

    1.3  Battle Points System

    1.4  PVP Style

               1.1     What is PVP

             Players are matched on the basis of the level of the highest level guardian in the player's current team.   If the server cannot find anyone online and present at the PvP stadium, who has the same level highest guardian as the player and the searching counter reaches zero, the server matches the player with an NPC who's level will be the same as the player's trainer level and whose guardians will match the levels of the players guardians   

    1.2 Division and Rank

    Every week, after the players finish their first battle, th…

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  • Bhadington

    Beginners Guide

    August 31, 2015 by Bhadington

    As you can guess from the title of this guide.. it's your ultimate guide for newbies to the legendary game that is.. Mystic Guardians! We'll start off with the basics (choosing your first guardian) and move as far in as Shady Vale.

    There are three starter guards that you get to choose from, all three of these are elemental guards (nature, water and fire). Each as you can guess is effective and weak to one of the others. You're three starter guards are..

    Crabby - Water

    Vinibble - Nature

    Firball - Fire

    As you probably already know from your many years playing Pokemon - Water is good against Fire but weak against Nature. Nature is good against Water but weak against Fire. Fire is good against Nature and weak against Water.

    It doesn't matter too muc…

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  • Bhadington

    The Right Way To Augment

    January 12, 2015 by Bhadington

    By the time you get to this blog you should be ready to augment your guardians! Congratulations, you've come a long way in the game and from here things only get more exciting!

    Augmenting is when you upgrade or boost a guardians move to be more powerful, have better accuracy, do damage each term, or to add a buff/debuff to the move. Upgrading a move, or buying a new one costs a varying amount of Trainer Tokens. This is where all your hard work saving up those tokens leads to!

    Simple Answer... No.

    You'll have seen me write about it before, but you need to pick the right moves for your guardian and its playing style. There's no point having a shockingly slow move such as Stomp on a Squilly because Squilly's are naturally quite slow, so with Sto…

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  • Bhadington

    So you want to learn how to use your Trainer Tokens?... Good choice! Those pesky little critters aren't exactly the easiest thing to get, regardless of there being an infinite ammount. I know this blog is about how to USE your tokens but I'll answer an obvious one first - how to GET trainer tokens. There are 5 ways to get tokens..

    1) Buy them - But who actually wants to spend real money on a game?!

    2) Defeat NPC trainers - Each trainer in the wild will give you a token, but only the 1st time you beat them.

    3) Challenge League - Each trainer defeated in challenge league will give you a token. 40 tokens up for grabs!

    4) Sell guardians - You can sell guardians up to a maximum of 25 tt's a week. You get 1tt per level that you train it after captur…

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  • Bhadington

    Boosting Your Guardians

    October 21, 2014 by Bhadington

    It's an age old question that a lot of people cannot properly get to grips with - and to succeed at the game you really need to learn. But how DO you boost your guardians? Well.. pay attention because I'm about to teach you how.

    First things first, there are two rules I need to tell you about...

    1) There is no specific right or wrong way to boost a guardian.

    2) DO NOT boost a guardian before it turns lvl 30.

    What that rule means is that you should boost your guardians depending on your playing style, and only you truly know what that is, so don't let anyone else tell you how you should spend those precious tt's.

    Before you think about boosting a guardian, go and re-read "Rule 2" ... Done that? Good, if your guardian is level 30 or higher then yo…

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  • EggsShots


    October 20, 2014 by EggsShots

    Hey !  This is the blog for a championship, which is coming soon (2 or 3 weeks) (actually : 20/10/2014).

    First, the championship will be between all players who want to participate, and is individual.

    The fights will be choose randomly, for that, we asked someone (snipershadow, a new player that don't know about this championship ) to tell us two numbers between 1 and 8 including. Every Player for participate had a number, and when his number and the one of another is choose, they have to fight. We will do that again and again till here is no player.

    Here is a little schema of an example of the match here could be :

    Imagine the fighter are : Bhadi, Aromat, mhb1999 , Nitr0x, EggsShots, Marl14620, Armorgamesemail96 and thekongplayer

    (of course, h…

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  • Mhb1999

    lvl 30 stats

    October 17, 2014 by Mhb1999

    i literally only made this so i can compair some of my guards stats at lvl 30

    heroic kowa (perked):

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  • Bhadington

    PvP Styles

    September 26, 2014 by Bhadington

    For those that are completely new to the game and dont have a clue what PvP stands for I'll help you out... Player vs Player battles. You can take part in PvP battles in North New Haven

    PvP isn't the same as what is used to be. Back in the olden days it used to be full of the top players battling it out against each other to see who could be top. Now however, players make sure they don't fight another player. Instead they fight "bots" or AI which are much easier to beat.

    To put it simply, there are 3 ways to PvP successfully and I'm going to explain them all to you. For this we will presume that I have 6 guardians...

    Heroic Fenrir lvl 32

    Jackarachnid lvl 32

    Deerite lvl 32

    Whirlin lvl 32

    Flame Lizzy lvl 6

    Murray lvl 6

    Quick PvP's only last about 1 m…

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  • Scorpiany

    ALL of the ideas listed in these mini-sections are just the basis of my ideas, but offer no real explanation, as I want to do that all in one section at the very bottom of the blog in order to ensure that all of them link together. MAKE SURE TO READ THE EXPLANATION SECTION AT THE BOTTOM.

    So the general idea of all of the suggestions I have come up for the game is: Focus greater on Trainer Tokens in ways WITHOUT increasing prices or making the game overly Trainer Token based.

    So the first idea that I came up with was making the Trainer Token Purchase button larger. I know that this may not seem like a major thing at all, but I'll explain later in this blog post how just this one simple thing may greatly help when combined with some of the oth…

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  • Proraptor715


    May 7, 2013 by Proraptor715

    Sorry I havent been on, but I've been busy.

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  • ThePurpleDragonNinja


    May 5, 2013 by ThePurpleDragonNinja

    Well, the game has been going on without updates for quite a while. Not any new guardians, not the long awaited swamp, not even a hint that they're actually continuing with the game. I'm wondering what your thoughts are; will it continue? Is it cancelled? Are they simply improving and debugging the swamp? Will there be any new guardians soon?

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  • Scorpiany

    I have been gathering information about Mystic Guardians, recording community requests, and locationg glitches in the game for the past several months, and have put together a thurough description of what I believe are ways to ensure succesful development and maintanances of the game. I am aware that the list contains a lot of information and may take a long time to read, but I would appreciate it if you would take the time to go over it. I am also aware of the time and money that will be required to follow through with the plan, but I believe that it is the best way to ensure future sucess of the game and company. In order to demonstrate why I believe why this course of action will be so beneficial for the game and company, I have include…

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  • Scorpiany

    Hey guys, so I've noticed that lately, many players have stopped playing the game, and not many new players are coming. DJ Arts currently does not have the funds to continue developing for the game, but will keep the game on the servers as long as enough players still play. So I was thinking that if we got more people to play the game, DJ Arts would be encouraged to begin developing the game. Also, if there were more people playing the game, then there would also probably be more people spending money on the game, therefore creating greater funds for future development for the game. Also, any donations to DJ Arts would help them fund development for the game, and it would also show them that the game is generating some income, so it would …

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  • Ikillyou2553

    Ideas for the game

    February 22, 2013 by Ikillyou2553

    Ideas for the game.

    (I'm not a dev so i can't make these things happen but want to funnel ideas to the devs add in bullet form)

    • Cookies in the store
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  • Ikillyou2553

    How to evolve your Guardians. (turtorial)

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  • FMF


    September 15, 2012 by FMF
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